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An important part of my future: The industrial estate InPark A81.
An important part of my future: The industrial estate InPark A81.

I am Frank Börnard, born in 1969 in the middle west of Germany. Nowadays, I got three different jobs:

As a business developer, I am responsible for marketing at InPark A81 – a brand new industrial estate in my hometown Sulz am Neckar. If you happen to need a property for your industrial business right between Stuttgart and Lake Constance in Southern Germany, use the contact form on the website www.inpark-a81.de/en.

The properties will be equipped with a High Speed Internet connection, the slip road to Highway A81 is just 800 meters away. We got a good public transport system to the Stuttgart region, the international airport (Stuttgart Airport; IATA-Code STR) is about an hours drive from InPark A81. If you prefer cheaper airlines, Baden Airpark is about two hours from Sulz.

A couple of Universities (two are just 20 kilometers away) offer further education including Bachelor and Master degrees. I did mine via part time studies at Business Administration at Business School Alb-Schwarzwald. You can even study in English at the DHBW Horb (in cooperation with University of Bolton, see here).

Moreover, our city is rated as a „Erholungsort“ (recreation community). We got an open air Saline Bath, a lot of routes for walking and cycling, you can also drive canoes on river Neckar or visit a lot of museums. If you are more of a petrolhead – you may choose racing in Gokarts or flying microlights at our airfield.

There is a lot to do – just have a look at our opportunities! Doesn’t that sound good to you?

Moreover, I am head of events, public relations and tourism at the municipality of Sulz am Neckar.

My third job is being the owner of Steinbeis-Beratungszentrum impulse.ideen.innovationen. I have founded the company in 2016. It offers business consulting, public relations, support in further education and more.


I have been a journalist, editor and team leader for more than 20 years. Working for regional newspaper in the south-western part of Germany, I have driven and still drive a lot of different vehicles – from diggers to trucks. From italian 8-Horse-Power three-wheelers around my home to 650 hp AMG Gullwings in Laguna Seca (to be true, I prefer the first – but please, please keep this as a secret!).

I attend MOOCs all around the world regularly and enjoy learning most – especially something new. This is why I always look for topics I have never heard of – or at least have no detailed knowledge in.

See „Der Lernende“ (The learner) for latest details on my activity in MOOCs. Some posts are on Creativehive and on my Youtube channel – mainly experimental videos like this:

If you have any questions, suggestions or anything else – feel free to contact me!