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Frank Boernard 2019

I am Frank Börnard, born in 1969 in the middle west of Germany.

Nowadays, I got three different jobs:

As a business developer, I am responsible for marketing at InPark A81 – an industrial estate in my hometown Sulz am Neckar. If you happen to need land for your industrial business right between Stuttgart and Lake Constance in Southern Germany, use the contact form on the website www.inpark-a81.de/en.

An important part of my future: The industrial estate InPark A81.
An important part of my working life: The industrial estate InPark A81.

The properties are equipped with a High Speed Internet connection, the slip road to Highway A81 is just 800 meters away. We are very proud to announce that (amongst others) the leading system supplier for automation solutions in forming production processes, Automatic-Systeme Dreher, decided to built its new headquarters at our side as well as Bihler Fertigung – a very flexible company specialised on CNC milling. Moreover, Gerster Sanitär and Sülzle Baukonzept found their new premises here.

InPark A81 Juli 2019
InPark A81 in July 2019. Copyright: HLK Kommunikation Verlag/Alexander Heinrich

We got an excellent public transport system to the Stuttgart region including high-speed railway. The international airport (Stuttgart Airport; IATA-Code STR) is about an hours drive from InPark A81. If you prefer cheaper airlines, Baden Airpark is about two hours from Sulz.

Moreover, our city is rated as an ‚Erholungsort‘ (recreation community). We got an open air Saline Bath, a lot of routes for walking and cycling, you can also drive canoes on river Neckar or visit a lot of museums. If you are more of a petrolhead – you may choose racing in Gokarts or flying microlights at our airfield.

There is a lot to do – just have a look at our opportunities! Doesn’t that sound good to you?

Moreover, I am head of events, public relations and tourism at the municipality of Sulz am Neckar.

My third job is being the owner of Steinbeis-Consulting impulses.ideas.innovations. I have founded the company in 2016. It offers business consulting, public relations, support in further education and more.


I have been a journalist, editor and team leader for more than 20 years. Working for regional newspaper in the south-western part of Germany, I have driven and still drive a lot of different vehicles – from diggers to trucks. From italian 8-Horse-Power three-wheelers around my home to 650 hp AMG Gullwings in Laguna Seca (to be true, I prefer the first – but please, please keep this as a secret!).

Regarding further education,  I did a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration, a MBA at The University of Bolton (UK), and a Master of Arts in Organizational Communications at the University of Kaiserslautern-Landau RPTU.

Here are some of my works during the studies:

I attend MOOCs all around the world regularly and enjoy learning most – especially something new. This is why I always look for topics I have never heard of – or at least have no detailed knowledge in.

See „Der Lernende“ (The learner) for latest details on my activity in MOOCs.

If you have any questions, suggestions or anything else – feel free to contact me!