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Steinbeis Consulting Center impulses.ideas.innovations

Besides working as a Business Developer and a Public Relations/Tourism/Marketing professional at the municipality of Sulz am Neckar, I run my own business since mid 2016. Steinbeis Consulting Center impulses.ideas.innovations is part of the Steinbeis-Network – one of the world’s most successful providers of know-how and technology transfer. There are more than 1000 Steinbeis Consulting Centers in Europe with a broad variety of specialisations.

Steinbeis Consulting Center impulses.ideas.innovations focuses on

Support and consulting in media and public relations

I have worked as a journalist, editor in chief and marketing professional at newspapers and magazines in Germany for more than 20 years. Nowadays I am also responsible for social media marketing, advertising and strategy in the municipality and in a tourist association that promotes the region of river Neckar.

Consulting for SMEs on strategy, marketing, communications, innovation

During my Business Administration studies and following them, I have worked on „impulses.ideas.innovations“ for well known retail companies as well as towns and SME. Since 2014, I have planned, organised, moderated and documented workshops, „Forums“ (extended workshops with experts of diverse professions) and „Zukunftswerkstätten“ (future workshops; civic participation workshops; brainstorming with large numbers of participants) on a lot of topics. E.g.:

  • Ways to find the best property in industrial estates.
  • Improving Marketing and Distribution at SMEs.
  • Intrinsic motivation and new concepts – What can private schools and companies learn from each other?
  • Stick or Stack – What Do Ideal Press Materials Look Like?

Steinbeis Enterprise Competence Check

To survive the disruptive changes in todays digitally driven world, it is vitally important to know your strength and weaknesses. The Enterprise Competence Check (ECC) is a scientifically developed tool to holistically analyse your company’s competences.

You can access a free „Quick-Check“ here or opt for the more detailed Master-Check by consulting an acknowledged Steinbeis ECC-Consultant (which I happen to be). An important advantage of the Master-Check is, that it includes a comparison to companies from the same industry, same age, same operations size category and much more. The data base is mainly focused on Germany. I intend to check UK based companies during my MBA studies at University of Bolton.